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Model # 200400AR (Standard Components, Non-Lit)


Model # 200400AR (Standard PVC Components, Non-Lit)

The Meco AST Overfill Alarm is an inexpensive battery-operated, intrinsically safe audible overfill alarm in our standard finish. Assists in overfill prevention. The Meco Alarm can be used as an overfill alarm or be configured to be used as an interstitial leak detector. When used as an interstitial monitor, Meco can custom build the probe length to meet any tank manufacturer’s specifications. As of 2016, all of our alarm models are capable of being run by both 9 volt and 12 volt power sources. 

Note: For compliance in certain regions of Canada, alarms must be wired to and powered by a 12 volt source. Refer to your region's laws prior to installation.

· Loud (100 db) pulsating alarm will alert the operator when the product level reaches the preset level.

· Certified Intrinsically Safe to ANSI/UL 913.

· Meets NFPA 30A, UL 2244 and UFC Requirements.

· Assists in Overfill Prevention.

· 9 V dc Battery Powered (battery not included). Lithium battery is recommended in all installations for extended life.

· 9 V Alkaline for -4 degrees F to +130 F operation.

· 9 V Lithium for -40 degrees F to +158 degrees F operation.

· No power consumption in the “Non-alarm” condition provides years of life from a Lithium battery.

· Ultra-low power consumption after Alarm reset.

· Use on protected or standard tanks.

· Optional connections for 12 V Intrinsically Safe line power supply.

· Single push-button switch for test before filling tank and to reset the Audible Alarm after the high-level alarm point is reached.

· Adjustable float switch to accommodate a wide range of high level alarm point settings.

· Float switch adjustment range is from 12 to 20 inches. Further adjustments can be accomplished using pipe nipples by following the instructions provided with the alarm.

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All Meco Alarm units are UL/ULC Certified