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Printable Alarm Installation Downloads

Typical Tall Tank Installation, Remote Location of Alarm Case

The MECOAlarm™ case has provisions inside the cover for wall mounting. Separate the case from the float switch assembly at the bushing and place the case at a convenient location for the operator. The maximum separation between the case and the float switch assembly is 500 feet. 

The case may be mounted to any surface using the two mounting holes provided under the cover. Use conduit as required by local codes from the float switch assembly to the case and extend the wire to the case using two conductors.

For all tank installations, the installer must adjust the bottom of the float switch to establish the Alarm Point in accordance with Local Code, NFPA 30A or UFC requirements as applicable for the particular installation. The Alarm Point may be determined from the tank capacity chart.


Typical Retrofit Installation

Typical retrofit of existing vent to modified vent with overfill alarm shown. Adjust nipple length for appropriate alarm level. Alarm point based on local code, be sure to check the requirements of your particular region.